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E.O.F.T 2021


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E.O.F.T 2021


With 7 brand new films the E.O.F.T. 2021 takes you to lost worlds and shows you how much inspiration there is - outside and in each and everyone of us. Are you ready for the big adventure on the big screen?  
Joachim Hellinger ©

I Am North

In summer 2021 Caro North takes on the Schreckhorn traverse. The alpinist and mountain guide must balance many extremes in her life. How does that work?... more information & trailer

From Switzerland to Darmstadt - and back again... 
Read more about Caro in our portrait!

Eliott Schonfeld ©


Eliott “Le Minimaliste” Schonfeld traverses the jungles of French Guiana in the footsteps of his role model, the french explorer Raymond Maufrais... more information & trailer

What's up the jungle? 
Discover the Amazonian rainforest with Eliott Schonfeld!

Jonas Deichmann ©


Extreme triathlon: Adventurer and endurance athlete Jonas Deichmann runs, rides and swims 40,000 kilometers around the world... more information & trailer
Mathis Dumas ©


Outdoor photographer Mathis Dumas fulfills his dream of capturing a singular shot in the Alps with a crew of mountaineers and highliners... more information & trailer

Nanof Film ©


Iranian climber Nasim Esqui constantly pushes herself to her personal limits. She likes to show other women that nothing is impossible - even in Iran...  more information & trailer 
Carlos Blanchard ©


Snowboarder Elias Elhardt and filmmaker Sebastian Schieren search for new perspectives via drone in this fast-paced snowboarding race through the powder... more information & trailer

Richard Sidey ©


Wingsuit flyer David Walden from New Zealand allows us to gain a poetic insight into the riskiest of adrenaline sports in the world... more

The film programme has a total length of 120 minutes, not including a 30-minute break. Including the supporting programme with the host’s presentation and sweepstakes, one event has a total duration of around 2.5 to 3 hours. The film programme is subject to change. Also the intermission can be cancelled in exceptional cases. 

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